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General Instructions

Indian Passports are now normally issued with a validity of 10 years (except in the case of children up to the age of 15 years where it is issued for a validity of 5 years). Their re-issue thereafter involves the issuance of a new Passport. Wherever any change is to be effected in personal particulars in the laminated pages of the Passport, a new Passport needs to be obtained as the practice of hand written endorsements in the existing Passport has been done away with. Similarly, a new passport needs to be obtained where the existing Passports have run out of available pages for visas etc. A new Passport can be issued one year before final expiry or on final expiry of any Passport issued for full validity of 10 years(5 years in the case of minors). Children’s names are no longer entered in their parent’s Passport.

Applications for Passport Services can be submitted and collected either in person or by post.  If, due to any reason, an applicant is not in a position to apply/collect in person, only a close family member (spouse or blood relative) can apply/collect on behalf of an applicant with a proper authority letter. The close family member will be required to produce this authority letter and his/her original passport/identity paper/document establishing the proof of his/her relationship with the applicant while submitting the application on behalf of the applicant.

It is an offence under the Passports Act, 1967 to knowingly furnish false information or to suppress material information when applying for Passport Services.

If you observe printing mistake in your newly issued Passport, please contact the Passport Counters immediately. If it is a mistake by the Passport Section, the correction (s) will be made immediately without charging any fee to correct the mistake. If the mistake in printing is due to wrong information filled by the applicant in the application form or due to any other reason ascribable to the applicant himself, a new Passport can be issued and the case will be processed as a fresh case with payment of all the relevant fees and by following the required processes.

In all cases of re-issue of Passport applications (except in lost/stolen cases, where the prescribed procedure for new passport need to be followed) last held/expired passport in original needs to be submitted along with the duly filled-in application form and other required documents. Old Passports will be returned to the applicant (s) after cancellation along with the new Passport. Valid visas in the old Passport (s) are not cancelled and can be used ever after cancellation of Passport until the date of expiry of the visa. 

  • Please Note :

    CGI, Sao Paulo has NO printing facility; the Passports are printed at Delhi. Hence applicants are informed that there is no facility to provide any Tatkal service and therefore applicants are advised to apply well within time to avoid any inconvenience. It takes minimum 21 working days for delivering the passports, provided all the documents submitted are in order.

  • Form for Passport

Applicants are required to apply online at the link

  • Document required for Passport Issue/Renewal

  • Original Bank receipts of payment.

  • Photographs (02): The face should be centered within the frame. The photo should be colored and the size 2 inch x 2 inch (51mm x 51 mm). The photo should be clear and with a continuous-tone quality. The background should be a plain white or off-white and there should not be any distracting shadows on the face or on the background. The photo should have full face, front view, eyes open and should present full head from top of hair to bottom of chin. The face should be 70 to 80% of the photo.

  • Application form completely filled in and signed.

  • The current or recently expired Passport having valid Visa or Residence Permit is required to be enclosed along with photocopies of pages containing detailed passport particulars, Visa page and the page containing observation (s), if any (photocopies should be self-attested by the applicant).

  • If the applicant is married and his/her spouse name is not entered in the passport, he/she should submit a self-attested photocopy of marriage certificate and self-attested photocopies of Passport of the applicant’s spouse (original Passport & marriage certificate to be shown at the time of submission of application) for adding spouse name in the new passport.

  • For passports that expired for up to one year, a self-explanatory letter as to why the passport was not renewed in time needs to be submitted.

  • Local Photo ID proof, Local Address proof or proof of valid stay in Brazil.

  • Self-Addressed envelope if passports are required by Post.

  • Provide permanent address proof if the address differs from the address printed on passport.

  • Change of name subsequent to marriage / remarriage / divorce / death of spouse etc.

  • For change of name subsequent to marriage/ remarriage / divorce/ death of spouse etc., applicant will be required to apply for new Passport enclosing marriage certificate/death certificate/divorce decree, as the case may be, with the application;

  • Divorcees applying for a change of name are required to furnish the divorce decree authenticated by the Court (if the divorce decree is issued by the local Brazilian Court, it should be attested by the Foreign Brazil);

  • In case of change of name following death of spouse, photocopy of death certificate of the spouse (Original to be shown at the time of submission of the application);

  • Remarried applicants applying for change of name/change of spouse’s name will be required to produce the divorce decree (if the divorce decree is issued by the local Brazilian Court, it should be attested by the Foreign Brazil)/death certificate in respect of first spouse, marriage certificate from the Registrar of Marriages and photocopy of present spouse’s Passport (original passport to be shown at the time of submission of the application).
    If the divorce decree or marriage certificate is issued by authorities (country) other than UK authorities, it is to be attested by the Indian Mission/Post in that country.

  • Change of name – other cases

  • Applicants seeking to change first name or surname or both are required to place advertisements to that effect in a prominent newspaper of usual place of residence in Sao Paulo (English Version) and in a prominent daily newspaper of area of permanent address in India. Original clippings of these advertisements (newspaper page) along with a Sworn Affidavit in the prescribed format are required to be furnished with the application. Since change of name affects the most important factor in identifying a person, for complete/substantial name change an applicant should furnish a note justifying the reasons for complete/substantial name change.

For addition/deletion of spouse’s name, applicant will be required to apply for new Passport enclosing marriage certificate/death certificate/divorce decree, as the case may be, with the application.

  • Change of signature

  • For changing signature in the Passport, application for new Passport has to be made and the applicant must append his / her old signature along with new signature on the first & second page of the Passport application form.

  • Change in appearance

  • If your appearance has changed significantly since your last Passport was made, you can apply for a fresh Passport with a recent photograph. A Sworn Affidavit and Documentation which prove that the local authorities have been informed of the substantial change in appearance (The applicant needs to submit Photo ID issued by local authorities of new appearance) , one can apply for a renewed passport.

  • Issue of duplicate Passports or Emergency Certificates in lieu of damaged or lost Passports

Applications for lost/damaged Passports must be submitted in person by the applicant and not sent by post. Application form completely filled in and signed.

  • 2 (two) Passport size (2 inch x 2 inch) identical photographs showing frontal view of the face with white background; (two) additional photographs may be required in some cases where Police verification in India needs to be done.

  • A Police Report regarding lost or stolen Passport.

  • A photocopy of lost Passport/damaged Passport.

  • A sworn Affidavit in the prescribed format.

  • Proof of legal stay permission in Brazil. It is necessary to furnish proof of a valid Visa or Residence Permit. If there is no valid Visa or Residence Permit then a short validity Passport for one year would be issued and this could be renewed on annual basis till the Passport holder obtains a valid Visa or Residence Permit, thereafter a full validity Passport can be issued;

 Personal Particular Form (in duplicate) for Police Verification may be required to be filled in some cases where identity is not conclusively established.

Process: Applicant has to fill up online form, upload his/her picture and signatures, sign the printed form, pay the appropriate fee in Bank and attach the original receipts and submit/send to us along with the existing passport and a copy of the first and last pages containing details and any other relevant page/documents. For any change in the existing entries in the passport (e.g. address) a proof is required to be attached with application.