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          The Indian Cultural Centre celebrated yet another successful annual “Students’ Day” on 10 November. The celebration is usually held on the National Education Day in India, which falls on 11 November. The Day is celebrated in commemoration of the birthday of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. More than 170 persons, including parents of the children and friends of the Consulate, attended the event.

          The Students Day marks the culmination of the year long teaching schedule of the ICC Teachers. The event started with the Lighting of the Traditional Lamp by the Consul General and the Teachers. After an introduction on the significance of the day and recalling the great contribution made by Maulana Abul Kalam, including the establishment of the ICCR, the Teachers were invited to speak on the art forms they represent. : Bharatanatyam – Ms. Iara Ananda Romano; Kathak – Ms. Gyaneshre Karahe; Odissi - Ms. Silvana Periera and Yoga Ms. Silvia Meireles, over so many years. The teachers have great passion for the art forms they teach and also work hard to hone their skills from fine Teachers in India so that they can give their best to their students. Their commitment to promoting Indian dance and Yoga is highly commendable and the ICC congratulated them on the occasion for their dedication in imparting dance/yoga lessons and grooming aspiring students of these arts forms. Each Teacher was greeted and acknowledged with a huge applause.

          Each Teacher presented a group of students who performed a short programme for the audience. The Teachers also gave away the certificate in their respective discipline to their students.

          The Consul General Mr. Vijay Singh Chauhan also congratulated the Teachers and complimented the students on their successful completion of the course and wished them well.


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