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  • Emergency Contact Number : +5511994518224

Consul General of India would have an Open House at its premisses (Av. Paulista, 925 - 7th floor) every working Wednesday from 15:00-16:00 Hrs for all Indian nationals and PIOs living in Consular Jurisdiction of the Consulate General of India in Sao Paulo.

Those attending the open house with any specific issue (whether pending application for passport/consular services/other issues or any other matter) may benefit by emailing (consul@indiaconsulate.org.br) beforehand the details so that the matter could be examined and considered response given.

In addition, especially in emergency, please contact the Consul Genearal on her mobile number (11) 99133-2112 or her email (consul@indiaconsulate.org.br) or contact Consul Mr. B. S. Saini at his mobile number (11) 9945-18224 or his email (hoc@indiaconsulate.org.br).